Protect your home! | Hurricane Protection by HurriPro
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German technology at its best.

Strong, but flexible special materials hold your roof in place. The HurriPro is also an effective shield against flying debris. All-in-one hurricane protection.
Security & Protection

Strong materials that withstand a weight of several tons hold your roof securely in place. A flexible panel shields your home from flying debris.

Creativity & Innovation

Our products are absolutely new on the market. We upgraded conventional ideas of hurricane protection to a dynamical system based on science.

Flexibility & Availability

No matter when: we will respond to you within 24 hours. Our team is waiting for you with special offers and individual deals.

Expertise & Authenticity

Specialists and scientists have put years of research into this product for you. The result is a unique, patented product designed specifically for your needs.

Social Impact & Commitment

HurriPro is a vision of life to be fair. An idea to support people in hurricane prone regions. A dream about providing security. The purpose of HurriPro is to get our products where they are most needed.

How does HurriPro work?

Plain and simple: put the orange straps over your roof. The faster the wind blows, the stronger the white sails pull the straps down and hold your roof in place.

But that is not all! The panels are made from a special flexible plastic that makes them an effective shield against flying debris.

Note: The HurriPro is specifically designed for mobile homes and houses with a metal roof or single ply roof. It does not protect standard shingle roofs.


This is not just a company. It is a vision of life to be fair. It is an idea of support for people in hurricane prone regions. It is a totally new option, that could save a lot of houses and with them a lot of money and time that could be spent better. It is a dream about providing security.

The HurriPro GmbH is a fresh startup founded in 2018 by Stefan who invented the hurricane protection devices. Still in the process of building a running production, Lucas joined the project in 2019.

The sole purpose of HurriPro is to distribute our products wherever they can be of help.

Lucas Waclawczyk
Dr. Stefan Siegmund
CEO & Founder

Get in touch with our support

Feel free to ask any questions or leave suggestions. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible.


If you need more information about our products or how to use them, our support will provide you with any details.

HurriPro GmbH
Nürnberger Straße 2
01187 Dresden

    Frequently asked questions

    What set works best for my home?

    For a normal-sized house and similar buildings, we recommend HurriPro Advanced or HurriPro Extreme. Our devices provide optimal protection if about one third of the area around your home is covered. You know your home best. The HurriPro Basic set is best suited for smaller structures like a shelter. Less coverage means less protection. But use only as many devices as your home can structurally bear.

    What holds it in the ground?

    The HurriPro is connected to anchors in the ground, similar to those used as mobile home anchorage. Just ask a professional (e. g. Florida Retrofits) to help you with those. Our manual provides precise instructions.

    What makes HurriPro special?

    The keyword for HurriPro devices is “dynamic”. Our panels work like sails that catch the wind, using the hurricane’s own weapons against it. The faster the wind blows, the stronger they pull on the attached straps, which then hold your roof in place securely.